7 surprising reasons people start businesses

Many start businesses because they want more freedom, power, or just exploring the deep ends of the ornate world. These reasons or whatever reasons you chose to start your own business. There are still reasons you started (or want to) start your business you may not know. I have gathered seven surprising reasons people start their business.

  1. Free more time

To get more time is one of the reasons people start businesses. Many people left their jobs to start their own ventures so that they can free more time. Care must however be taken because many people left their 9-5 jobs to work 9-9 on their own businesses. Why? They don’t have the necessary skills to run a process based business not people based.

  1. Becoming a boss

Many people start their own business because they hate being controlled by a boss. They don’t want to hear ‘come here!’ or ‘go there!’. Moving from an employee to an employer is overwhelming but the rewards are exceedingly great.

  1. Growing passive income

People are aware of the rewards of passive income. Most passive income growth are often untraceable leaving you paying little or no tax, and little work is often required.

  1. Expansion

Expansion is a tectonic reason many people start their businesses, in the employee circle you can’t earn more than your boss. You can have unlimited expansion in your business by reaching more clients, buying more asset etc.

  1. Power

What will you prefer being called a CRM manager or CEO? People prefer to be referred and respected. Becoming a big business owner can give them.

  1. Exploring beyond limits

People have ambitions, some want to build a non-existent product which could lead to lack of trust by the employer who is not willing to take risk. People want to become entrepreneurs because they want to explore their abilities beyond limits

  1. Sense of ownership

Your company can offer you three houses, but will withdraw back the benefit the day you’re sacked or when you decide to leave the company. The fear of not owning something is why some people started their business.


You might have started your business or about to start for whatever reason(s). I’m really sure they are for good. Why did you start your business? Don’t forget to comment below or share with friends.



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