3 succinct steps to stay positive

Positive attitude will not do anything for you- but will do many things for you. Staying positive alone cannot do the trick as many claim. Think of any great invention or masterpieces: building the titanic, Mona Lisa. Or great novels like: The tempest, Harry Potter, Charlotte’s web. Think of their creators. How many of them started with negative thinking? Answer: NONE. The creator of these masterpieces: Shakespeare, Leonardo da Vinci, EB White, did not can’t an ominous shadow on their creativity (they started by staying positive!) despite many of them facing many oppositions and rejection. They overcame by staying positive, here are 3 succinct steps to stay positive.

  1. Shutting the door of the society

Sometimes to stay positive we need to close our ear lobes. Many evil things happen around us, bad economy, teenage pregnancy etc. and most times overpower the good- instead of pursuing our goals. We keep thinking about them (evil things) as if they all happened under our roof. Many entrepreneurs and creatives have shut themselves from the society by putting away their TV’s. I’m not suggesting we put away our TV’s. But we must move forward no matter what happens in our societies.

  1. Relinquishing the past

Many of us dwell on our past- but many of us are tempted to do that. If you think you’re dwelling too much on your past, you are not alone we are all tempted to do the same, even great men have moment of regret. We must let go. Since we can go back to change our past (if it were possible we will turn some of our past regret to positive) but nature does not permit us to do that. Instead, let’s dwell on what we can change and change our future with positive thinking

  1. Counting our gains

To stay positive- we must think of whatever great thinks we have achieved in the past. You must have gone beyond one difficult circumstance of the past and if you have not be happy for the gift of nature. I’m not saying we should dwell on in our comfort zone, but we must count our gains to stay positive.


Though positive thinking alone may not bring cars or buy houses but it is the first step we must take as creatives and entrepreneurs to achieve our goals. In how many ways have positive thinking help you? Please comment below and don’t forget to share with friends. Stay connected to you dreams.



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