5 entrepreneurial lessons from the ants

“Go to the ant, thou sluggard; consider her ways and be wise:”- Prov 6:6(KJV)

Ants are small tiny creatures whose abode is the hole. How minute they are- they have acclaimed praise as one of the most industrious animals on earth. Everybody can learn from them. Here are few lessons an entrepreneur can learn:

  1. Hard-work

To achieve anything worthwhile takes time (as the saying goes, no masterpiece was created by an indolent artist. We must shun laziness, we must work whenever we feel like and whenever we don’t. Many people start a project and stop when they discover the amount of work involved. Have you wondered why people still fall for get-rich-quick schemes? They want to make money without doing anything.

2.  Avoid procrastination

Procrastination kills, no wonder Seneca wrote in his letter to lucilius, ‘ no one has anything finished because we kept putting into the future our undertakings’. Make it a goal every day to shun procrastination, have must-do attitude. Don’t push anything to the next day.

3. Be a team player

You must be a team player as an entrepreneur. Ants always move in groups. Sometimes meeting other entrepreneurs or forming a group can be the best in pushing us towards our goals. When we find ourselves in a team we must work harder and smarter than everyone else. Being a team player is no excuse for laziness. We may miss our place or destroy the team.

  1. The power of determination

Determination is an important tool for entrepreneurs. Learn from the ants, whenever they meet hard obstacles, say, big food Crumb, they divide it among themselves. You get the point, they are too rigid to b daunted by any challenge. Whenever you face obstacles, look for creative ways to move forward.

5. Became risk taker

Ants are risk takers, they know fully well they might get destroyed in their search for daily bread, with this mean advantages they still go out and search. As entrepreneurs, we must not look for the right moment at the right time at the right place. If people thought that way, nobody will drive a car.


Though ants are minuscule creatures. There are valuable lessons we can learn from them as entrepreneurs. Take this lessons to heart and don’t forget to comment below and share this post with your friends.

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